Urban Combat JKD

Urban Combat Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

Sifu Emil Martirossian

Emil Martirossian MAI Front CoverSifu Emil Martirossian is a talented Martial Artist, Instructor, Actor and Fight Choreographer. He specialises in street self defence training, Jeet Kune Do, unarmed combat and close quarter techniques. Over the years of his continuous training, Sifu Emil has developed the ‘Urban Combat JKD System’; a system that combines JKD with various other styles of martial arts and close quarter unarmed combat techniques resulting in a street self defence system that can be used and adapted in real-life situations. Currently, Emil teaches classes, private tuition, seminars and online private tuition too.

It all began at the age of 5 after watching a Bruce Lee-movie, from then on he knew he wanted to become a martial artist. Emil was lucky enough to meet Bruce’s brother, Robert Lee and eventually Emil started taking lessons in Jeet Kune Do. Emil has now met and trained with the likes of Guru Dan Inosanto, Sebak Taky Kimura and Sifu Andy Kimura.

Jeet Kune Do was not the start of martial arts for Emil though; since the age of 3, he had already been training in Tae Kwon Do (the WTF system). He started under his uncle Armen Martirossian who is a 7th degree black belt. Emil (CRB checked) is now a 5th degree black belt and also trains in the ITF system (in which he has a 1st degree black belt). Emil has trained in many martial arts styles: Kung Fu, 5 Animal Style, Choy Li Fut, Jiu-Jitsu, Western boxing, Thai-boxing, Filipino knife-defence, Krav Maga, Street fighting and Chinese Kick boxing. Emil is also highly skilled in various weapons such as the Nunchaku and Double sticks as well as Unarmed Combat and Close quarter techniques.

”Emil martirossian can be considered one of the best and most versatile martial artists of this time”
Johan Aders

“Emil has been awarded the ‘2012 Martial arts Illustrated Magazine Hall Of Fame Award’ (For outstanding achievement within the world of martial arts)”

For more information on Sifu Emil Martirossian or to contact him for Classes, Demonstrations, Seminars, Online Training, Private tuition or to enquire about Fight Choreography, Movie/TV roles please feel free to contact Emil.


2 thoughts on “Sifu Emil Martirossian

  1. Es increíble la velocidad que tiene este hombre!!!!

    • der mann verdient denn allerhöchsten respekt in der welt der kampfkunst. ich selber trainiere seit gut 15 jahre taek won do in der vollkontakt klasse bis 80 kilogramm klasse. doch wenn ich mir sifu emil seine you tube viedeos anschaue dann komme ich mir vor als hätte ich vielleicht ein paar stunden training in meinem leben absolviert. ich hoffe du bleibst gesund und zeigst noch einiges über dein einmaliges talent und den ergeiz bei deinem training zu zuschauen und auch ein wenig davon zu erlernen, mit freundlichen grüssen ihr rolf isenberg aus deutschland.

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