Urban Combat JKD

Urban Combat Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

14 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Where do you teach? From Long Island ny. Great video. Do you or any recommendations on quality instructor in this area. Been out of it for a bit looking to start up again.

  2. Trying to purchase DVD for the UK, but only has option for USA? What’s the video download?

  3. Hello

    I live in London and would like to learn JKD where should I go? Do you teach in london? Please send me recommendations. Many thanks

  4. Sifu Emil,
    Thank you for every thing my friend! You are the modern day “Bruce Lee” that is Sifu Emil Martirossian! Cheers and ciao brother!

  5. Where do I get my download from? Will it come to my email?

  6. When are you make it a DVD! I have nothing to download it on.

  7. Hello sifu. have you in your shop Nunchaks From urban JKD!

    Greeting: Benjamin

  8. hello

    do you have instructional dvds for downloading from beginning ?
    please reply

  9. Yep but it’s written advanced level

  10. Hi, i have 42, i live in Old Street, i want learn jeet kune do, where i can go please?

  11. What is the list of names, of the music
    From urban combat jkd essentials vol. 2

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