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Resume – Emil Martirossian

Personal Summary: –

Emil MartirossianEmil has gained experience of working in many formats of various martial arts styles; he has appeared and worked in numerous Television programmes and films (most recently ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘Talking to the Dead’) he has also written numerous articles for fighting/martial arts magazines (such as; “MAI”, ”Fighters: incorporating kick boxing news”, ”Combat magazine”, ”Black Belt UK” and Australian magazine ”Blitz”).

Emil is a specialist in ‘Fight Choreography’ and is currently available for work on movie/television projects. For more information on Sifu Emil Martirossian or to contact him for Classes, Demonstrations, Seminars, Online Training, Private tuition or to enquire about Fight Choreography, Movie/TV roles please feel free to contact Emil.

Physical Statistics –
• D.O.B – 29/12/1977
• Height – 6ft 2″
• Hair Colour – Brown
• Eye Colour – Brown

Martial Arts –
• Trained by Guru Dan Inosanto in JKD concepts, Silat, and Filipino Martial Arts
• Trained by Si-gung Taky Kimura in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do
• Trained by Phoebe Lee in Tai-Chi
• Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt – 5th Degree)
• ITF Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt – 1st Degree)
• Plus other various martial arts styles: Kung Fu, 5 Animal Style, Choy Li Fut, Jiu-Jitsu, Western boxing, Thai-boxing, Filipino knife defence, Krav Maga, Chinese Kick boxing plus Unarmed Combat

Acting –
• Lee Strasberg Method Acting
• Brighton College of Performing arts
• National Diploma in Performing arts
• HND in Performing arts
• Training in Screen Fighting and Fight Choreography (With Dave Lea – hollywood stuntman/actor)

Awards –
• European and British Champion/Gold Medallist in Tae Kwon Do – 1994-95 & 1998
• British Champion in TKD Gold medallist in 1994
• 2001 Combat Magazine Hall Of Fame Award recipient (In recognition of his hard work behind the scenes to selflessly promote the benefits of Martial Arts practice)
• 2003 Combat Magazine Hall Of Fame Award recipient (In recognition of his commitment to gain martial arts practice greater popularity both in the United Kingdom and around the World)
• 2012 Martial arts Illustrated Magazine Hall Of Fame Award recipient (For outstanding achievement within the world of martial arts)
• 2013 Martial arts Illustrated Magazine Hall Of Fame Award recipient (Top Fighter Award)
• 2014 Martial arts Illustrated Magazine Hall Of Fame Award recipient (Top Fighter Award)
• 2015 Martial arts Illustrated Magazine Hall Of Fame Award recipient (Gold Award)
• 2015 Honorary Member of the ‘Hong Kong TianXing International Arts Association’

Movies –
• The Snatchers (Science-Fiction Movie) 2015 – (Fight Choreography Consultant)
• The Sleeping Room (Horror Movie) 2013 – (Fight Choreography Consultant)
• Sins of a Father (Drama) 2013 – (Fight Choreography Consultant)
• Batman Begins (2005 – Shadow Warrior) -aka Batman Intimidation Game
• Batman (2010 – Mercenary/Soldier) – The Dark Knight Rises
• Rebirth Of The Dragon (currently in post production)
• Lone Wolf 1 & 2 (1998/2002 – Lead)

Television –
• Lucky Man (Stan Lee) Sky 1 TV Series 2016 (Fight Choreography Consultant)
• Talking to the Dead TV Series 2013 (Fight Choreography Consultant)
• Hunted TV Series 2012 (BBC)
• Baby father (2002- BBC 2 )
• Murder in Mind (2001- ITV 3)
• Gamer (japanese television Now Tv 2002)
• The Bill (ITV)
• Sugar puffs Advertisement
• Apple computers Advertisement

Demonstrations –
• Fitness Expo 2004 – Earls Court London
• SENI 2004 Martial Arts Event – NEC Birmingham
• Cimac Super League Martial Arts Spectacular
• Clash of The Titans 2007 – Huddersfield (demonstrating Urban Combat and J.K.D Concepts) Video
• The Link X Bruce Lee 70th Dragon Exhibition in Hong Kong (July 2010)
• The Bruce Lee 40th Anniversary in Hong Kong (July 2013)
• Martial Arts Show in Bercy Paris (February 2014) (demonstrating Urban Combat J.K.D)


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