Urban Combat JKD

Urban Combat Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts


Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI) Hall of Fame Award (November 2012)
Emil is honoured to receive the MAI Hall of Fame Award 2012 (for outstanding achievement within the world of martial arts) from the number one martial arts magazine in the UK. “A Big thank you to Martial Arts Illustrated and Mr Bob Sykes. It is a true honor to be recognised as one of the elite’s in the martial arts world.” To view photos, click here

Si-Gung Taky Kimura and Guru Dan Inosanto (Seattle, March 2011)
Emil trains with Taky in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and Dan in JKD concepts, Silat & Filipino Martial Arts. To view photos, click here

Feature Front Cover of MAI Magazine (December 2010)
Emil is featured on the front cover of MAI magazine and also has a special feature article: ‘Emil’s Adventures in Hong Kong’. To view article click here

The Link X Bruce Lee 70th Dragon Exhibition in Hong Kong (July 2010)
Emil is invited by Phoebe and Robert Lee to demonstrate in the Link X Bruce Lee 70th Exhibition in Hong Kong. Emil also visits Bruce Lee’s house in Hong Kong and is interviewed on the Hong Kong National News channel TVB. To view photos, click here

Emil interviews Phoebe Lee (December 2009) Article
Emil meets Bruce Lee’s sister Phoebe Lee and is honoured to be able to have an exclusive interview with her for MAI magazine.

Sussex County Cricket Team (January 2008) Article
Emil trains the Sussex County Cricket team, teaching the team various martial arts techniques to help improve their overall fitness and reflexes.

Clash of the Titans event (2007)
Emil demonstrates Urban Combat Street Self Defence in the ‘Clash of the Titans event 2007.’ Click here to view video


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