Urban Combat JKD

Urban Combat Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts


jkdPlease click on the PDF links below to view Emil’s MAI Magazine Articles:

– MAI Article: The Bygone Days of Jeet Kune Do, December 2014

– MAI Article: Hong Kong, Bruce Lee Anniversary Trip, October 2013
– MAI Article: The Return of the Urban Dragon, April 2013

– MAI Article: How to Improve your Kung Fu, September 2012
– MAI Article: Urban Martial Arts Street Survival, June 2012
– MAI Article: The Art of Dynamic Kicking, March 2012

– MAI Article: Unlocking The Secrets of Martial Arts, December 2011
– MAI Article: Meeting Phoebe Lee, November 2011
– MAI Article: 5 Animal Style Kung Fu, September 2011
– MAI Article: The History of the Nunchuka, July 2011
– MAI Article: Adventures in Seattle, June 2011
– MAI Article: Urban Self Defence for Women, May 2011
– MAI Article: Natural Awareness & Martial Arts, March 2011
– MAI Article: Training in the Snow, February 2011

– MAI Article: Emil’s Adventures in Hong Kong, December 2010
– MAI Article: Phoebe Lee, January 2010

– MAI Article: Cricket & JKD, May 2008
– MAI Article: Urban Combat, Meditation February 2008
– MAI Article: Urban Combat, Poetry in Motion January 2008

– MAI Article: Urban Combat, Reality Self Defence June 2007
– MAI Article: Reality Self Defence For Women May 2007


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